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Boat Trips - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) with Cumbrae Voyages

There are some questions that come up quite often and hopefully  these can be answered here

If you wish to ask us any other questions then please email or call us but please read through this FAQ page and our terms & conditions page as these may answer your question.

Question:  Can we just turn up and expect to get on a trip?

Answer:  No not normally, you need to book on a scheduled trip.  Sometimes in the height of Summer you may get on a trip by turning up on Largs Promenade but then your place is not guaranteed (so in any case you are best to book).

Question:  What ages can you take on board?

Answer:   All ages and abilities.  We have had from 3 weeks old to 87 years.  Its really up to you. 

Question:  Do you take pregnant women?

Answer:   Yes indeed, most welcome.  Up to 6 months term.  However, you must inform us & the driver on the day that you are carrying a little person.

Question:  What if it is raining on the day of the trip, is it canceled?

Answer:  Rain does not stop the trips.  If you do not turn up for your trip then you lose your booking.  Anyway, it is Scotland after all!

Question:  If it is stormy on the day of the trip, is it canceled?

Answer:  No not normally, it is very rare that we cancel trips due to stormy weather.  Our boats are very big and ride very smoothly.  Also, there are various routes that we can take that give shelter behind the various Islands so the trip can still go ahead.

If we cancel a trip then you would be resheduled for another date.  Please let us make the decision on this as we monitor the weather and are in tune with the local conditions.

Question:  Do you provide waterproofs?

Answer:  Yes, we provide good sailing quality waterproofs and lifejackets.

Question:  What about lifejackets for small children?

Answer:  We have special lifejackets for small infants.

Question:  What if my child starts to cry!?

Answer:  It does happen sometimes but most often the babys and toddlers fall asleep giving the parent a nice rest!  Not normally a problem.

Question:  Will the kids get bored?

Answer:  We try to make our trips fun and informative and pitch it at the group that is on board at the time.  Its not a lesson and each trip varies with the wildlife that day.  We try to be interactive as much as possible.  Kids love it!

Question:  Can we book online?

Answer:  No not yet.  But you can make an enquiry online.  You can buy gift vouchers online though.

Question:  How can we pay?

Answer:  All trips must be prepaid Cash and all major credit cards are accepted as is paypal.  You can pay by cheque but this must be well in advance to be cleared in our bank account prior to the trip.

If you have any other questions about our boat trips or the area here in Largs then please just get in touch with us.

Each trip is unique and varies according to the season. There are almost daily sightings of Seals, Oyster Catchers, Gannets, Cormorants and occasional sightings of Porpoise, Dolphins and Whales.

We also run a variety of Corporate Events, group days, Stag/Hen days and weekends and also custom trips to suit you.  For those events we can organise the entire event including accomodation, meals, other transportation and any other requirements that you may have.