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Corporate Sailing Days and Regattas

Some say that if you can master Scotlands' West Coast in Sailing Yacht then you can sail anywhere. Our skippers are vastly experienced in Sailing with many thousands of miles under their belts from all 'corners' of the globe. They are simply amoungst the best Sailors in the world in terms of their own ability and also importantly training others of any ability.

We have been involved in some of the most premier Corporate Sailing events that include the likes of Nokia, F1 Star: David Couthard, Boss and much more..


All our Sailing Yachts are very well presented and well equiped for your day. If you prefer a team building aspect to a corporate event then let us run a regatta for you with a fleet of identical Yachts.

One aspect that we have added in on almost all of our Sailing days is a RIB during part of the day. We meet you out on the water and take you off the Yacht either for an exciting blast or in to shore for quick refreshments whilst the skipper circles and awaits your return again by Fast RIB.

 - Tarbert / Loch Fyne 2 day Corporate Sailing